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Guidelines for submitting a new position to CCR Database
When submitting a new position to the CCR please read and follow the guidelines below.  Failure to do so may result in your request to be denied.

Please keep in mind this is NOT FOR ADDING A POSITION TO YOUR PERSONAL RECORD. This form is for adding new positions and activities that do not exist to the database, which will later be
available to add to a student's record. To add activities to your personal record click the Co-Curricular Record Tab.
Note: If you wish to update the description of an activity/position in the CCR database contact the CCR staff at

Submission Rules
 The activity must be for the current academic year only

Data Structure:  Select one of the Categories, Organization, and Activity for the position.

  • For Example: Clubs & Associations -> Arts and Science Federation of Associations -> GUSS - Geography Undergraduate Student Society

Category: Select one of the follow four categories.
            ​Clubs and Associations
            Campus and Community Engagement
            Leadership and Personal Development
            Student Led Initiatives

Activity: Provide a brief description of the activity details.
For Example: Community Compass -> Community Compass is a community-based experiential learning program that helps participants develop their leadership potential, self-awareness, and agency through engagement in development issues identified by community partners.
NOTE: The activity will only need to be completed once. If you are entering it for the first time, then only one positon can be entered. Until the CCR admin approves the request, only then can multiple positions can be added.

Position Title: Enter the name position such as "Volunteer."

Start/End Date: Enter the period in which they are involved in the position such as one semester, one day or one academic year.
Description: Write a brief description of the position. This description will appear on the record of all students who have added this position.
  • Write in third person (ex. they)
  • Write about the position in 5 sentences max.
  • Don't include bullet points or characters.
  • Don't include dates specifics
Here is an example:
Activity: Concordia Caribbean Student Union
Position: President
The Concordia Caribbean Student Union (CCSU) is a student run organization that promotes Caribbean culture throughout Concordia University by organizing social and cultural events. The role of the president is to preside over meetings and to represent the CCSU at all inter and intra association events. The average time commitment is between 18 and 20 hours.
Position Contact Information: Enter the information for the person to contact for details about the position or activity.

Competencies: Check all anticipated achievements for the position. These will appear on the record.
  • Select a minimum of 5 and maximum of 25 competencies

Validator Information:  A validator is responsible for verifying a student's participation in an activity. This role is an essential part of the co-curricular record and can be filled by a staff member, faculty member, or registered Concordia student who is involved within the activity.
  • Include the validator name, title, email address and ID number (if possible)
  • Contact us if the validator has changed,
  • Don't submit a request form without a validator, it will not approved

Note: A validator may not validate their own position, so your organization may require two validators.

Once you have completed the form in its entirety click the Send Request button to submit your request. Your request will be forwarded to a Co-Curricular Administrator for review. If your request is approved it will be displayed as an option for students to add to their Co-Curricular Records.

Any requests that are not complete will not be approved. 

Click here to add a positon
Add New Position to New or Existing Activity